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Позитив от Ollesia: Gloster Vs Tom Jones - Kiss (2003)
[ ] 06.03.2010, 21:43

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You dont have to be beautiful
To turn me on
I just need your body baby
From dusk till dawn
You dont need experience
To turn me out

You just leave it all up to me
Ill show you what its all about
You dont have to be rich
To be my girl
You dont have to be cool
To rule my world
Aint no particular sign
Im more compatible with
I just want your extra time
And you kiss

You gotta not talk dirty baby
If you wanna impress me (ah ah ah)
You cant be too flirty mama
I know how to undress me
Let me be your fantasy
And maybe (baby) you could be mine
You just leave it all up to me
We can have a good time

Think Id better dance now
(la la la)

Women and girls rule my world
I say they rule my world
Act your age mama (not your shoe size)
Not your shoe size
Maybe we could do the twirl
You dont have to watch dynasty
To have an attitude
You gotta leave it all up to me
My love will be your food

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